Meet the Conductor

Passionate and precise, the Conductor commands the respect of everyone around him. He is confident and authoritative, but there is a warmth to him that makes his wisdom highly sought-after. Of course, no true leader stands alone; the humble Conductor knows that without his orchestra, he would just be some well-dressed guy with a stick. 

The Conductor wearing a full tuxedo with coattails

By the nature of his role, the Conductor doesn’t talk much, but he has an impeccable ability to communicate wordlessly. That said, when he actually does talk, you know he’s given his message a lot of thought. Even the Vikings stop to listen to the Conductor when he speaks! That’s because the Conductor knows that you don’t always have to be the loudest in the room to make a big impact—but you do have to wave your arms around a bunch. 


Best Listener 


Favorite Hobby

Walking his dog, Diva 


Fun Fact

The Conductor released an experimental electronica album a few years ago, but it didn’t take off. He may be bald, but he’s no Moby. 

It takes a village...


From fierce warriors to noble leaders and everything in-between, our Vikings cover all the bases. Discover more about the whole team of operatic Vikings! 

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