Selling Your Annuity Payments to JG Wentworth

Annuities are contractual financial products that provide a steady stream of payments over a predetermined period of time.

Selling Your Annuity Payments to JG Wentworth

While annuities serve as a dependable way to secure income during retirement, they come with road blocks — many contracts have restrictions or penalties that can limit your ability to make withdrawals.


Most annuities come in the form of immediate annuities, deferred annuities, variable annuities, guaranteed annuities, or life-contingent annuities. If you have one of those, and you’re tired of waiting to receive your money, turn to us. JG Wentworth can purchase your future annuity payments. So you can have your money — on your schedule, in one lump sum.


In terms of when payments begin, there are two different kinds of annuity payment streams:

    Payments start almost right away; however, companies may not allow you to withdraw your lump sum. JG Wentworth can provide you with a lump sum in exchange for your annuity payments.

    The money is accessible when you retire. There may be a buyout clause where the recipient can cancel the annuity early and receive a lump sum. However, this often involves an early withdrawal penalty.

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