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4 Shocking Facts About Gen X's Finances

As they near retirement age, many Gen Xers are looking into their financial future and grappling with the potential of unfavorable outcomes in the face of economic and social instability. Here are four interesting facts about the typical Gen Xer that exemplify the unique financial circumstances Americans born between the mid-’60s and mid-’80s face.

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Gen X couple with a laptop reviewing their bills

How to Cope with Financial Stress

Taking care of your mental health is taking care of your financial health, and vice versa. We've gathered some actionable tips for breaking the seemingly never-ending cycle of financial difficulty and mental health issues.

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What Makes Debt Settlement Worth It?

Debt settlement is a big commitment toward pursuing a healthy financial future - so what are the results that make it worth the effort? We asked real JG Wentworth customers to share some of the major benefits of debt settlement.

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What makes debt settlement worth it?

Selling Your Annuity for Retirement

Everyone cares about their retirement – it’s something people work and plan for their entire lives. And like other potential income sources – such as savings accounts, 401(k)s and Social Security payments, to name just a few – annuities can be an extremely important part of any retirement plan.

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JGW_Annuity worth selling

A Guide to Everything You Want to Know About Credit

Whether you’re just beginning to learn the basics of personal finance or you’ve been managing your money for a while, chances are there's a lot you still have to learn about how credit works. If you’ve ever found yourself scratching your head about anything credit-related, this is the guide for you.

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What Happens to Your Structured Settlement When You Die?

Planning for death can be a difficult conversation to breach, especially when it comes to personal finance. But if you have a structured settlement, it’s in your loved ones' best interest for you to start planning now. We've broken down some of the things you should think about when deciding what will happen to your structured settlement payments when you pass.

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Is Debt Relief Right for You?

If you’re overwhelmed by debt, you might be considering debt relief as a way back on track. We've broken down who qualifies for debt relief and some major factors to think about before jumping in.

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Is debt relief right for you?

Using Structured Settlement Payments to Pay for Home Renovations

You spent a lot of time looking at places before you made the decision to buy your home. For you, it might’ve been the best choice, but that doesn’t mean that everything about the property is perfect. Chances are you had ideas on how you could improve your home from the first month you moved in, if not before.

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