Meet Ingrid

The lovable Ingrid is relentlessly optimistic. She’s so cheerful that even Cantankerous Sven can’t help but melt when she’s around. She treats every day like it’s the best of her life, marveling at the beauty of the world around her.  

Viking Ingrid smiling and wearing a dress and long cape

Needless to say, most of the villagers see Ingrid as somewhat naïve, and who can blame them? Ingrid once told everyone that a gallant knight asked for her hand in marriage, but it turned out that “knight” was just Leif, the butcher’s boy, wearing a fake mustache. (Unfortunately, the relationship did not last.) Another time, she kissed a donkey because someone told her it was a prince trapped in an equine body. (That relationship didn’t last, either.)  


But sometimes Ingrid’s optimism comes in handy, like the time a longboat full of raiders was approaching the village. While everyone else prepared for battle, Ingrid decided to make pies to welcome the invaders. Well, it turned out the raiders were so tired and hungry from the voyage that they dropped their weapons the second they smelled those pies. People laugh at Ingrid, but her kindness saved a lot of lives that day—plus, everyone got pie! 


Most Likely to Fall for a Pyramid Scheme 


Favorite Hobby

Singing to confused forest animals 


Fun Fact

Ingrid never leaves her house without her lipstick, extra bobby pins, and a pocket mirror. 

It takes a village...


From fierce warriors to noble leaders and everything in-between, our Vikings cover all the bases. Discover more about the whole team of operatic Vikings! 

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