Meet Gunnar

The stories about Gunnar’s ferocity in battle are told far and wide. Just the name “Gunnar” alone is enough to strike fear into an enemy’s heart. Legend has it that Gunnar can lift ten men with one arm and that his strength is a gift bestowed by Thor himself. There’s another rumor that Gunnar unleashes his fury in battle by shooting darts from his fingertips and breathing fire from his nose. One of the legends even claims that Gunnar was born screaming. (We’re not sure why that last story took off.) 

Viking warrior Gunnar holding a sword and shield

One thing all the legends get right is that Gunnar is a strong and passionate fighter. Gunnar is his village’s most loyal guardian and warrior, doing everything he can to protect his community.


But off the battlefield, Gunnar is the definition of a gentle giant. He volunteers in the village’s retirement hut every other weekend and runs a program teaching village youths to garden. He’s empathetic and kind, and although he’ll never admit it, those fire-breathing rumors really get to him. He’s not just a fighting machine, okay? He contains multitudes! 


Best Shoulder to Cry On 


Favorite Hobby



Fun Fact

In his downtime, Gunnar enjoys relaxing at home with Bjorn, his pet cat. 

It takes a village...


From fierce warriors to noble leaders and everything in-between, our Vikings cover all the bases. Discover more about the whole team of operatic Vikings! 

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