Meet Frida

Frida is known as the village’s “Peaceful Warrior.” Rather than learning how to use a sword, an axe, or a trebuchet, Frida opted to learn the weaponless art of Judo, using her opponents’ weight and strength against them to tire them out. How exactly did a Viking come to master a Japanese martial art? Like many of Frida’s unique attributes, that remains a mystery.  

Viking Frida smiling and wearing a breastplate over her dress

As if nothing in the world could possibly trouble her, Frida always has a serene smile on her face. The other villagers see her as pleasant, if a bit odd. She often speaks in poetic parables, imparting her wisdom to those who seek it. At least, the villagers think it’s wisdom. Much of what Frida says doesn’t make any sense to them, but they don’t want to look unenlightened. 


Frida never seems fully present, as if her mind is wandering when you speak to her. A villager once asked her why she always seems so distant, and she told him, “Because we are all connected, I am both here and everywhere.” Sure, Frida. 


Most Likely to Use Natural Deodorant 


Favorite Hobby

Hydroponic gardening 


Fun Fact

Frida owns seven alpaca hoodies. 

It takes a village...


From fierce warriors to noble leaders and everything in-between, our Vikings cover all the bases. Discover more about the whole team of operatic Vikings! 

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