Meet Brita

The descendent of a long line of great rulers, Brita was raised to be the paragon of strength and resolve for her village. When hardship strikes or disputes arise, people turn to Brita for calm, rational leadership.

Viking queen Brita wearing an ornate crown and holding a shield and spear

Little do the villagers know, though, that Brita is in a near-constant state of panic. She hates public speaking. She second-guesses every decision she makes. She lies awake at night thinking about everything that went wrong that day and everything that could go wrong tomorrow. Brita’s greatest fears include spiders; moths; miniature horses; lawyers; ghosts; the court jester; and the idea of outer space. 


But the villagers are none the wiser, because Brita finds ways to keep her fears under wraps. Before big speeches, she gives herself pep talks in the mirror. She’s started adding CBD oil to her stew. Every day, she repeats affirmational mantras to herself, like “Outer space can’t hurt you, Brita.” Never let ‘em see ya sweat!


Least Sweaty 


Favorite Hobby

Pacing back and forth  


Fun Fact

Brita’s most prized possession is her fidget spinner collection. 

It takes a village...


From fierce warriors to noble leaders and everything in-between, our Vikings cover all the bases. Discover more about the whole team of operatic Vikings! 

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