Selling Your Annuity for Retirement


Everyone cares about their retirement – it’s something people work and plan for their entire lives. And like other potential income sources – such as savings accounts, 401(k)s and Social Security payments, to name just a few – annuities can be an extremely important part of any retirement plan. It should come as no surprise that today there are as many as 100 million Americans who either have already purchased, or are planning to purchase annuities.


The best part about having an annuity is when it begins to pay out. Annuity recipients can use these payments to make long-term financial plans, providing a measure of security for themselves and for loved ones. The benefits of receiving these monthly payments are, without a doubt, tremendous. The question is, are there also benefits one might receive if he or she chooses to sell an annuity for a lump sum of cash?


The answer is yes.


Maybe you have decided to work past the age of 65, no longer feel the need to receive monthly payments, and would prefer to have that cash in your pocket. Perhaps your investment strategy over the years has yielded solid returns, rendering your monthly annuity checks unnecessary. Or you now recognize the tax ramifications of handing an annuity to your beneficiaries, and would rather give them a lump sum of cash now, then force them to deal with a heavier tax burden later.


Or maybe, just maybe, what you really want is freedom. The freedom to sell your annuity – and use that money any way you see fit.


The bottom line, of course, is that these are all personal considerations – and that the choice of whether or not to sell an annuity is one that only you can make. But if you need some advice before making that decision, or would just like to know how much money you could potentially get out of your annuity payments now, JG Wentworth is always available to take your call.


We can assess the value of your annuity, and help you make a choice that is best for you and your long-term retirement plans. It’s what JG Wentworth has been doing for thousands of customers, for over twenty years – and it’s what we can do for you, too.

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