Disclosure Notification

Please Carefully Read the Following Disclosure – It Contains Important Information

This disclosure notice is intended to provide you with certain important information related to a potential loan that may be available to you through JGW Lending, LLC (“Lender”). 

1. JGW Debt Settlement (“DS”) is an affiliate of Lender, which means DS and Lender share partial common ownership. Although DS will receive no fee for referring you to Lender, as a result of this affiliation DS’s common owners would benefit from any loan you obtain from Lender. 

2. If you receive a loan from Lender, the overall costs of your debt resolution program will increase due to the interest and fees you will pay on the loan. In addition, the amount of time it will take to pay off the loan will be longer than if you complete the settlement process without a loan. However, if you obtain a loan, you will likely complete your debt resolution agreement in a substantially shorter period of time, which would likely reduce or eliminate interest, penalties, collection calls and/or lawsuits. 

3. You understand that you have the right to review this disclosure, as well as the loan application process and loan agreement, with your own independent attorney. 

4. You are under no obligation to request or apply for a loan with Lender in order to complete your debt resolution program with DS; it is completely optional. If you elect to continue the settlement process without a loan, we will continue to assist you in resolving your debts as provided in the terms of your debt resolution agreement. 

5. Although DS’s affiliate Lender is providing you this opportunity, if you wish to shop around the lending market and secure a loan from another source, you have the right to do so.