Selling Your Lottery Payments to JG Wentworth

With one call to JG Wentworth, you could sell your lottery annuity payments for a lump sum—or you could make your winnings worth more and last you longer with our patented Tax-Deferred Option. The choice is yours!

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Why should I sell my lottery payments to JG Wentworth?

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If you have a lottery annuity but want your lotto money now, not later, selling to JG Wentworth for a lump sum could be the right option for you. 


Maybe you’re behind on paying your bills or you had a costly medical emergency. Maybe you need to move into a new home or make a major repair on your car. Or maybe you just want your cash now! If your money is tied up in a lottery annuity, JG Wentworth can help you get the funds you need by purchasing your lottery payments for a lump sum.


JGW makes the process as painless as possible for anyone looking to sell their lottery payments. When you accept our offer for your payments, we handle all the administrative details and paperwork for you.


Plus, our 30 years of experience in the financial services industry can’t be beat! We’re one of the largest purchasers of annuities in the U.S., meaning we have the know-how and industry relationships necessary to process your transaction as smoothly as possible. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and an “Excellent” rating on Trustpilot, rest assured we’ll do what it takes to give you the best customer experience possible.


We’ve helped thousands of customers experiencing financial hardship get their money when they needed it. Let us help you, too!

What is the Tax-Deferred Option?


JG Wentworth’s Tax-Deferred Option is an alternative to selling your lottery annuity that could help you extend your payments and potentially make your money worth more in the long term.


With our Tax-Deferred Option, you could increase your wealth and set yourself up for a better financial future.

Set Your Payment Schedule


If you’re receiving your lottery payments in increments but want to change your disbursement schedule, the Tax-Deferred Option is your ticket to endless mix-and-match payment schedules. You’ll get more flexibility in how often and how long you receive your money, as well as how much you receive with each payment. Maybe you’d like smaller payments, more often, for a longer time—or larger payments, less often, for a shorter time. The choice is all yours!*

Extend your payments


Worried about what you’ll do when your jackpot runs out? That’s where the Tax-Deferred Option comes in. With this program, you can extend your payments for a period of up to 30 years. That’s 30 years of steady income, keeping your finances stable and ensuring regular income for yourself and your family. If you’re looking for a reliable source of income for a longer period, extending your lottery payments is the solution for you.**

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Maximize your wealth


Your lottery prize changed your life, but you can make your winnings worth more with the Tax-Deferred Option. The longer you extend your payments, the larger the returns on your invested lottery winnings grow. At the end of your disbursement period, you could receive a lump sum of your investment earnings—meaning overall, you’ll potentially earn more than double the amount of your original prize!

Lottery Annuity vs. JGW’s Tax-Deferred Option 
Case Study - $1,000,000 Winner±


Lottery Annuity

Tax-Deferred Option

Payment Distributions

20 Payments of $50,000

29 Payments of $50,000

Payment Distribution Frequency



Length of Term

20 Years

30 Years

Wealth at the End of the Program



Total Face Value of Distributions



Total + Distributions



Lump sum or Tax-Deferred Option—which is right for me?


If you’re in need of cash now, not later, then selling some or all of your lottery annuity payments can help you stay afloat.


But if you’re looking to grow your wealth, change your disbursement schedule to fit your needs, or get steady payments over a longer period, the Tax-Deferred Option is for you.


Whether you want your money now or whether you want to make your payments worth more later is up to you—you know your needs best. Fortunately, we can help with both. Call us today to learn more about your options and make the right decision for your lottery payments!

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    Selling your lottery payments to JG Wentworth in exchange for a lump sum is a straightforward process.


    You’ll start out by calling us to hear a quote. As with all our annuity sales transactions, there are zero hidden fees; the amount you’re quoted is the amount you’ll receive. If you like what you hear, you’ll accept your offer and return a signed contract to us. From there, we’ll take care of all the paperwork on your behalf.


    Because the transferal of the rights to your lottery payments is a legal transaction, you will have to attend a court date, which we’ll set up for you. If the thought of that scares you, don’t worry—we coach all our customers on what to expect! Gaining a judge’s approval is designed to protect consumers like you from predatory purchasers, so this step of the process is for your benefit.


    Then, after you gain court approval, we’ll send your lump sum to you. We can send a check or a wire transfer—whatever works best for you. It’s as simple as that!

    You can sell all your payments for a big lump sum, but you do not have to sell every payment to receive a lump sum. Depending on how much cash you need, you could opt to sell just a portion of your payments. Our representatives will work with you personally to review your circumstances and make a plan that best meets your needs.

    “Tax-deferred” means that you do not have to pay taxes on your investments’ growth until you receive the profits as a payment of liquid cash. In the case of the JGW Tax-Deferred Option for your lottery payments, any growth in your account will not be taxed until you receive your lump sum at the end of your payment period.


    Tax-deferred accounts are beneficial to people who are looking to grow their wealth without paying expensive income taxes year-to-year. Keeping your total yearly income down means keeping yourself in a lower tax bracket and, in turn, paying less in taxes each year.

    We understand that your life circumstances can change in a short period of time—so yes, you may change your disbursement schedule after you’ve signed up for the Tax-Deferred Option. However, you cannot change your schedule within the first year of being enrolled, and every time you change your disbursement schedule, you’ll be required to pay an administrative fee to JG Wentworth.

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    Sales of Lottery Payments are subject to court approval and other conditions which can take approximately 60-90 days to complete. 

    All transactions are at JG Wentworth’s sole discretion. JG Wentworth does not provide legal, financial or tax advice.


    * The number and amount of payments cannot be guaranteed as such payments involve many variable factors including, but not limited to the investment fund you select, rate of return and frequency of payment. 

    **All investment decisions will be made by you in conjunction with your independent financial advisors. This program allows you to use a selection of investments, of your own choice, to create a rate of return for your obligation. When you choose the Asset Advantage Program you are able to choose to structure how and when you receive payments. There are specific risks involved with any investment strategy you may choose. JG Wentworth makes no assurances that any investment you select will meet its performance objectives or that substantial losses will be avoided. Any tax consequences arising from your investments are your sole responsibility. Please consult with a financial advisor or tax advisor for any investment or tax advice. Call for additional details.