AADR Announces Board Appointments to Drive Strategic Advancements in Debt Resolution Industry 

AADR appoints new key member to strengthen initiative


CHESTERBROOK, Pa., February 12, 2023


We are proud to announce Lori L. Lasher, Executive Vice President at JG Wentworth, brings her 39 years of legal expertise to the AADR Executive Board. Prior to joining JG Wentworth in 2018, she was a Partner at Reed Smith LLP. In her current role with us, she oversees legal, compliance, and governance matters. Lori is also actively engaged in philanthropy, serving as a Trustee of Project Home, which provides affordable housing and other opportunities to formerly homeless persons and families.  


“AADR holds its members to the highest standards in the debt settlement industry.” Lori said. “I am excited to join my fellow board members as we work to expand consumer access to these services across the United States.”  


We know Lori will be a huge asset to AADR just as she has been for JG Wentworth over the last six years.  


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JG Wentworth is a consumer financial services company that focuses on helping Americans achieve their financial goals. Its services include Structured Settlement Payment Purchasing, Debt Resolution Services and Personal Lending (launching 2023). JG Wentworth was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania. In 2023, JG Wentworth was the recipient of the Philadelphia Top Workplaces Award. 


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