Veteran Loans for First-Time Homebuyers

You proudly served our country and now you’re ready to put down roots. One of the biggest milestones in your life is buying your first home. Since the VA home loan program was created, military members and veterans have had an easier time becoming homeowners due to the benefits associated with VA loans. To this day, VA loans have proven to be a valuable asset for first-time homebuyers who have served this nation.

J.G. Wentworth is proud to be a company founded by veterans and an approved lender of VA loans. We use cutting-edge technology to streamline the VA loan process, providing fast approvals and turnaround times. Our experienced loan specialists ensure that you are equipped with a wealth of information and will be happy to answer any questions. We are dedicated to providing high-quality customer service and enhancing the home buying experience for veterans.

Benefits of VA Loans

Purchasing your first home is an exciting milestone in your life, especially when you have a VA loan. Qualified military members and veterans who are first-time homebuyers can take advantage of the following VA loan benefits:

  • No Down Payments
  • Less Stringent Qualifications
  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • Low VA Loan Rates
  • No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Required
  • Accessible VA Loan Refinancing Options

Military members and veterans who are first-time homebuyers will receive an unmatched level of customer satisfaction with our streamlined processes and low rates with no points and no hidden fees. 

Qualify and Get Pre-Approved

Now that you’ve explored the benefits of VA home loans, it’s time to see if you qualify. The VA loan eligibility requirements are as follows: 

  • Actively served 90 consecutive days during wartime
  • Actively served 181 consecutive days during peacetime
  • More than six years of experience in National Guard or Reserve
  • Spouse of a service member who died in the line of duty or as a result of a service-related illness or disability

If one or more of these requirements apply to you, you can obtain a VA Certificate of Eligibility (COE). A COE is the starting point of the VA loan process and helps everything go smoothly. It proves that the length and character of your service makes you eligible to participate in the VA loan program. You can acquire your Certificate of Eligibility by applying through J.G. Wentworth, online through the VA eBenefits portal, or by mail. Contact one of our VA loan specialists and get your Certificate of Eligibility today. 

The next step in the VA loan process is securing your loan with pre-approval. By submitting a formal application and providing J.G. Wentworth with financial documents, you will find out the specific mortgage amount you are approved for and get an idea of the potential interest rate. 

Here are a few of the documents you may need to provide during your pre-approval process:

  • Pay Stubs
  • Employment History
  • Tax Returns and W2s
  • Evidence of Real Estate Assets
  • Bank and Investment Statements

Once the documents are received and proven to be in good order, we will issue a pre-approval letter as proof that you are financially able to purchase a home. The prequalification and preapproval processes can let you begin the search for your first home with an element of security and confidence.

Get pre-approved by contacting J.G. Wentworth. Call and speak to one of our VA home loan specialists or get a quote today.

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