JG Wentworth Sponsors 2023 IMSA Racing Team 

IMSA 2023 racecar drivers Katherine Legge & Sheena Monk to compete ​in ​the full WeatherTech SportsCar Championship aboard JG Wentworth sponsored Acura 


CHESTERBROOK, Pa., Jan. 23, 2023


Industry-leading consumer financial services company JG Wentworth announced today that they are sponsoring 2023 IMSA race​ ​car drivers Sheena Monk and Katherine Legge, who are contesting the full WeatherTech SportsCar Championship in the GTD (Grand Touring Daytona) class aboard the JG Wentworth-backed No. 66 Acura NSX GT3 Evo22. They will be part of team Gradient Racing’s first full season of the championship competition and the 53rd racing season sanctioned by the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA). 


Monk hails from Newtown, Pennsylvania, and this will be ​her ​first ​time competing​ ​at the pinnacle of​ North American sportscar racing, with the race in Daytona marking her debut. JG Wentworth previously sponsored Monk in ​the Championship’s feeder series,​ the IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge.  


Monk will be joined by her co-driver Katherine Legge. Legge, who is one of only nine women to start the Indianapolis 500 (2012,2013) and has also raced in NASCAR. Her talents led to a Formula 1 test in 2005, where she posted impressively quick and consistent laps. She has also raced in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship across numerous classes since 2014, with multiple wins to her credit. With one of the most diverse careers in motorsport, Legge is widely regarded as the world’s leading female racing driver.  


On her partnership with JG Wentworth, Monk said in an interview, “I am proud to be partnered with JG Wentworth because they help people navigate their financial challenges with their broad-based product solutions. Nearly everyone has experienced a financial hardship at one point or another, so it is motivating to know that JG Wentworth is a resource to help people regain control of their financial lives. I am also extremely inspired by the amount of female leadership within the company and believe the support for our racing partnership parallels an environment that empowers women and facilitates their growth in the workforce.” 


The GTD class races are long and grueling, often requiring hours of continued racing and months of preparation, with the first two races in the season lasting 24 hours and 12 hours, respectively. 


JG Wentworth’s SVP of Marketing Megan Parzych stated, “To get over the finish line, a driver has to train hard and withstand extreme conditions, but the end result is an amazing sense of accomplishment. We see this as a reflection of what our customers are able to do with our help. They come to us facing unique challenges, but we navigate the twists and turns with them as they work hard to meet their financial goals. We love to be part of people's success stories, on the racetrack and off.”  


About JG Wentworth 

JG Wentworth is a consumer financial services company that focuses on helping everyday Americans achieve their financial goals. Its services include structured settlement payment purchasing, annuity payment purchasing, lottery and casino payment purchasing, and debt resolution services. Most recently, the company launched its consumer lending arm, with a focus on debt consolidation. JG Wentworth was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania. 


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