JG Wentworth Sponsored Driver Katherine Legge Competes as Only Woman in her First Indianapolis 500 in a Decade 

Racer Katherine Legge returns to Indy 500 as solo female driver 


CHESTERBROOK, Pa., May. 29, 2023


British Race Car racer Katherine Legge returned to the Indianapolis 500 after a decade to compete as the only female driver on the track. After qualifying 29th over the last weekend, this was her third appearance in the Indianapolis 500 since her first in 2013. 


Speaking to motorsport.com, the JG Wentworth sponsored driver talked about being the only female driver and said that the pressure vanishes once she is on the track and only comes into play off the track with media attention. The 42-year-old British driver qualified with a speed of over 231 mph, and posted on social media saying, “I’m out here racing for all of you, but especially for the girls.”  


According to the Indianapolis Star, only nine women (including Legge) have raced in the Indy 500 in its over a century long history. Previously the starters used to say “Gentlemen, start your engines!” but have now changed it to exclaim “Drivers! Start your engines.”  


The Indy 500, however, is not the only race Legge is competing in in 2023. Throughout the year she has been competing the full WeatherTech SportsCar Championship in the GTD (Grand Touring Daytona) class aboard the JG Wentworth-backed No. 66 Acura NSX GT3 Evo22 with fellow teammate Sheena Monk, also sponsored by JG Wentworth. The two of them have competed as the only female team this season. Their next race is in late June at Watkins Glen International in New York.  


Attended by over 300,000 people (about half the population of Wyoming) at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, this year’s Indy 500 was one of the biggest races in its history. Unfortunately, however, this year, even after being the fastest qualifier in the team, Legge could not recover from her start and finished 33rd.  


On this historic race and continued support of female drivers, JG Wenworth’s Chief Strategy Officer Megan MacDonald said “JG Wentworth has strived to be at the forefront of championing women in male dominated fields, always leading by example. We are proud of how far Katherine has come in her journey and will continue to root for her as she competes in more races this year.” 


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