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Personal Loan Providers

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Competitive Short-Term Personal Loans

We buy structured settlement payments. It’s what we built our brand on, and we’re very good at it. In fact, over the past 20 years, we’ve helped thousands of customers get their money when they needed it. Unfortunately, selling a structured settlement or an annuity payment stream isn’t possible for everyone, and getting money from banks or borrowing from friends isn’t always an option. We wanted to help these individuals, giving them options for getting money whenever they needed it.

You deserve to have options when you need money. We have engaged with FinMkt, a financial and marketplace technology provider, to connect you to various personal loan providers.* With a single inquiry, it is possible to receive pre-qualified offers from multiple companies offering access to personal loans.

The Inquiry Process

When you apply, you’ll be asked a few questions, including your address, some basic financial data, and how much you want to borrow. Then, that information will be used to connect you with companies that can provide you with access to the loan you’re looking for.

You’ll know if you’re approved in a matter of minutes. If you’re pre-qualified, you will be provided with various options, allowing you to decide if one of them makes sense for your personal situation. Each pre-qualified offer will give you some basic information, including:

  • The company offering the loan
  • The amount you are prequalified for
  • The annual percentage rate (APR)
  • Your expected monthly payment
  • How many months you’ll make payments (loan term)

If you see a pre-qualified offer you like, you can select it. Depending on which offer you choose, the loan provider might ask for some additional information and documentation to complete the approval process. Once you’re approved and agree to the terms,, the loan provider will deposit your loan in your account. You can often receive your money in as little as a few business days.

After you have your money, how you spend it is up to you. It’s your money. Use it the way you want.

Will Inquiring Hurt My Credit Score?

No! When you apply for a traditional loan from a bank, the bank usually performs a “hard inquiry” on your credit. This means they’re getting your FICO® score, and a record of that inquiry remains on your credit report for two years. Getting one or two of these inquiries every so often isn’t bad, but multiple “hard inquiries” in a short period can cause your credit score to decrease.

Here, in order to receive pre-qualified offers a “soft inquiry” is performed on your credit. This means that your FICO® score is pulled, but it is done in a way that doesn’t leave any record. You can get multiple pre-qualified offers without worrying about hurting your credit score. Once you decide on the right pre-qualified offer for you and submit an application to a particular company a “hard inquiry” on your credit may be performed as part of their underwriting process.

Who Could I Borrow From?

When you submit an inquiry, offers are gathered from different loan providers and are provided to you. Below are some examples of companies you may have the option of working with, depending on your financial situation and how much money you need to borrow:

Loan Amount APR Ranges Term Length
$1,000-$35,000 9.95%-35.95% 24-60 Months

Founded in Chicago in 2012, Avant uses cutting-edge computer technology to create smarter loans. While they look at your credit score, Avant’s system reviews other factors, offering competitive interest rates to borrowers that banks and other companies might turn away.

Lending Club Lender Logo
Loan Amount APR Ranges Term Length
$1,000-$40,000 5.99%-35.89% 24-60 Months

LendingClub is one of the new wave of peer-to-peer lenders. Traditionally, when you borrow money, you get it from a large financial institution like a bank or insurance company. With LendingClub, they take your application and list it on a “marketplace” for investors, similar to a stock market. Individual investors can then purchase a portion or the entirety of your loan. LendingClub sends you the money, and when you make monthly payments, a portion of that payment goes back to the investor.

Loan Amount APR Ranges Term Length
$2,000-$35,000 5.99%-32.99% 36-60 Months

Prosper is another peer-to-peer lender that matches you with investors who are willing to loan you money. Founded in 2005, this company looks at more than your credit score when looking over your application. They’ll assign you a Prosper Rating which helps them figure out what your interest rate will be.

Additional Loan Providers
  Freedom Plus  Lending Point  One Main Financials

Know if you’re approved in minutes

The streamlined inquiry process will usually let you know what you pre-qualify for within minutes. Instead of going to multiple sites, you can receive multiple offers at one time. If you need money, finding out how much you can borrow could be just moments away.

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Crowdnetic Corporation and Crowdnetic Corporation d/b/a FinMkt and any lender you choose are solely responsible for their services to you, and J.G. Wentworth shall not be liable for any damages or costs of any type arising out of, or in any way connected with, your use of such services. J.G. Wentworth does not guarantee that specific loan terms and conditions offered to you will be granted, or that you will be offered any type of loan. The actual amount of the loan that you qualify for is decided by the company providing the loan and may vary based on credit determination and state law. See the lender’s website or contact the lender directly for additional terms and conditions.

Offers provided to customers feature rate quotes of no greater than 35.99% APR with terms from 24 Months to 60 months. Your actual rate depends upon credit score, loan amount, loan term, and credit usage and history, and will be agreed upon between you and the lender. An example of total amount paid on a personal loan of $10,000 for a term of 36 months at a rate of 10% would be equivalent to $11,616.12 over the 36 month life of the loan.

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