Signing the Purchase Contract

Before we schedule a court date to complete the sale of your future structured settlement payments, a contract gives us permission to start the process.

Your Structured Settlement Payment Purchase Contract

Your structured settlement payments belong to you. But if you want to sell a portion of the payments in exchange for a lump sum, the sale must be approved by a judge. This means filing for a day in court to get approval of the transaction as required by your state of domicile The true fixed permanent home of a person; a place to which, even if he or she were temporary absent, they intend to return. . At J.G. Wentworth, we work to make this process as easy as possible.

After you accept one of our offers, your account executive will send you a contract to document your agreement to sell your future payments for a lump sum. Because each state and insurance company has different requirements, every contract is unique. However, all contracts typically have the same 10 basic sections.

We encourage you to take your time to make sure that you’re carefully reviewing and completing each section of the contract accurately before returning it to us.


We cannot schedule a court date until you sign and return the contract to us.

The Information We Need About You

The first section in your contract asks you for some basic personal information about you, your family, and your finances. Some of the information you'll need to fill out includes:

Personal Information

Your name, address, date of birth, and social security number


Any occupation and income

Family Status

Marital status and dependent information

Settlement Information

The name of the insurance company that issues your payments and information about how you came to receive a structured settlement

Beneficiary Information

The name of the beneficiary Any person or entity who is to receive assets or profits from an estate, trust, or an insurance policy. of your structured settlement

Additional Information

If you sold portions of your settlement payments in the past, recently filed for bankruptcy, or experienced other major financial events, you would list them here

Why You Are Selling Your Payments

Whether you're using the lump sum to pay off debt or buy a house, you should write why you want your cash now

Disclosure Statement

In the disclosure statement, we lay out the terms of the transaction. It explains what portion of your payments we’re purchasing, how much you’ll receive as a lump sum, and the discount rate. The information here is similar to the information you received in your quote. Depending on the requirements of your state and insurance company, you might need to sign additional disclosures as well.

Authorization to Talk about the Transaction

During the entire process, your account executive will be in contact with you to answer your questions and keep you up to date. In some cases, you might want us to speak with others about the transaction. We cannot do this unless you give us permission by listing their names on an Authorization to Discuss Transactional Information form.


We only need permission to speak to other people when you are not on the call. If you wish to have us speak to others when you are present, or on a conference call, their names do not have to be on the authorization form.

Funding Instructions

After a judge approves the sale of your structured settlement payments to J.G. Wentworth, we’ll finalize the paperwork and get you your lump sum as quickly as possible. You have two different options for receiving your cash. You can specify your choice between these two options on the Funding Instructions document:


J.G. Wentworth will mail you a check for the lump sum amount.

Direct Deposit

You can choose to have the cash deposited directly in your bank account.

If you choose direct deposit, we will need either a voided personal check or a document from your bank with the routing number and your account number. The voided check must have your name on it. We cannot use a starter check to initiate the transfer.

If you change your mind about how you want to receive the money, you can update your preferences by filling out another Funding Instructions document. Just ask your account executive for a new form.

List of Dependents

The List of Dependents form asks whether or not you have any dependents A person dependent upon another person for care and/or financial support, including: domestic partner, natural children, stepchildren, legally adopted children and any other individual for whom a person is the legal guardian. . This includes your spouse and any children under the age of 18.


You must complete this form even if you do not have any dependents. The transaction cannot proceed until we receive a signed copy of this document.

Privacy Notice

J.G. Wentworth respects your privacy. This document explains why we are asking for your personal information and how we will use it. You do not have to sign this document.

Purchase Contract

The Purchase Contract is your agreement to sell your payments to J.G. Wentworth. In addition, it explains what your rights are in the transaction, including your options should you wish to cancel the contract after signing it.

Statement of Professional Representation

Selling your future structured settlement payments is a big decision. It changes your finances, both when you get the lump sum, and when you stop receiving the payments we purchased. Some states require that before you sell your structured settlement payments, you must speak with a professional advisor. Other states do not have this requirement, but you can still speak with a professional for advice if you wish to do so. The Statement of Professional Representation explains these options and asks if you will be speaking with a professional or not.


If you are required to speak with an advisor, or you make the decision to do so, J.G. Wentworth cannot complete your transaction until after that person informs us that they have spoken with you.

Request to Change Beneficiary

Your beneficiary is the person who will receive the guaranteed payments from your structured settlement if you die before all of the payments have been made. This form instructs your insurance company to change the beneficiary of your structured settlement payment to your estate.

Document Request Authorization

To purchase your structured settlement payments, we need a copy of your structured settlement agreement The final agreement between the parties of the original lawsuit. It contains detailed information regarding the lawsuit, its’ outcome and, often times, insurance company and payment information. and other related documents. If you have copies of these documents, you can include them when you send the contract back to us. Otherwise, we can send the signed Document Request Authorization to your insurance company, asking them to forward to us the information we need.

How Do I Sign Everything?

We want to get you a court date as quickly as possible. One way that we speed things up is by allowing you to sign and submit a completed copy of your contract electronically.

Some states require that a notary A person who has the legal authority to act as an official witness when legal documents are signed. They are responsible for verifying your identity. They will generally ask for photo identification. witness you signing the contract in person. If this is the case and you are unable to get to a notary yourself, J.G. Wentworth can schedule an appointment for you to meet with a mobile notary. This service is free of charge for you and the notary can even send the completed forms back to us, which can save you a step.

Now it's time to Test Your Knowledge

Don't worry, you've already got an A for participation. But if you're feeling up to the challenge you can test your knowledge of the information covered in this step.

Question of


Next steps Does The Contract Lock Me In?

No, the contract is what allows us to schedule a day in court. It tells the judge that you agree with the terms of the transaction. If, after signing the contract you change your mind, you can cancel without paying a penalty or fee for up to five days after your transaction is complete.

* J.G. Wentworth does not provide legal, tax, or financial advice, please consult with independent professionals for such advice.

Finalizing the Paperwork For Your Transaction

After you sign the contract to sell your structured settlement payments, we’ll make sure that we have all the paperwork we need and set up your day in court.

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