How We’ll Pay You Your Lump Sum

After the judge approves the sale, all that’s left is for you to receive your lump sum. You can choose to receive a check or have funds deposited into your bank account.

How to Receive Your Lump Sum Payment

Congratulations! The judge reviewed the contract and approved the sale of your future structured settlement payments. All the questions you asked, paperwork you filled out, and time you spent talking with your account executive has led to this moment.

After receiving the court approval, our team will work to get your money to you as quickly as possible. The funding instructions you provided when you filled out the contract lets us know how you want to receive your lump sum. Before we complete the transaction, your account executive will double check your preferences and give you the chance to change how you get your cash.

How Direct Deposit Works

If you choose to receive your lump sum electronically, you’ll typically have the cash available in as little as one to two business days after we receive approval from the court and have all supporting documents. In most cases, this is the fastest way for you to get your money.

Setting up direct deposit is easy. All we need from you is either a voided check or a statement from your bank with the routing number and your account number.

What Happens When We Mail You A Check

While having your lump sum delivered electronically is the fastest way to get your money, it’s not the only option you have. If you don’t want to have the cash deposited directly, we can send you a check.

After the court approves the transaction, we’ll send you a check that you should receive in two to three business days. The delivery company will require a signature before dropping off your check, so be sure that you or someone you trust is at your home when the package arrives.

What Happens With Your Remaining Future Payments

In most cases, you won’t have to sell all of your future structured settlement payments to get the lump sum you want. So, what happens with payments you have left?

If You Sold a Specific Number of Payments

You’ll continue to receive your regular payments up until the payments that J.G. Wentworth purchased kick in. Then, J.G. Wentworth will begin to collect the payments we bought. If you have any payments remaining, you’ll start getting regular checks again after J.G. Wentworth has received its agreed upon number of payments.

Say for example you sold five years of payments starting 10 years from now. For the next decade, you’d get your regular checks. Then, for five years, you would not get a check. Payments would start again after those five years were over.

If You Sold A Portion of Each Payment

You’ll continue receiving your payments according to the same schedule as in the past, but the value of the checks will be smaller. We’ll get the portion we purchased and you’ll receive the rest.

For example, if you get monthly payments for $2,000 but sold $500 a month to us to get your lump sum, you’ll continue to receive payments for the unsold $1,500.

What is a Passback Payment?

Some insurance companies will not split your regular payments. This means that if you sold a portion of each settlement payment to us, they will not send a check to us and another check to you. If this is the case, your account executive will have you authorize us to set up a passback payment.

When the payments come due, we will receive the entire check from the insurance company, retain the portion that we purchased, and send you a check for the rest. We do this as quickly as possible, which means that you should get your payment close to the same time the insurance company would send it to you. The only difference will be that you get the check from us, and not the insurance company.

For example, if you get monthly payments of $2,000 but sold $500 a month to us to get your lump sum, the full check would be sent to J.G. Wentworth. Then, we would retain our $500 and send you a check for the remaining $1,500.

J.G. Wentworth will only retain the payments we bought – we will never take any money beyond that amount. The rest belongs to you.

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What’s Next?

After you get your lump sum, use it to satisfy your need for the transaction. Unless you want to sell more of your payments in the future, you won’t have to speak to an account executive again. If you move, you will need to notify us so we can update our records.

Tell Us How Your Experience Was

We value your feedback. Please review your experience and let us know what we did well or what we can do to improve in the future. If you had any concerns or problems at any point in the process, let your account executive know. We’ll do whatever we can to help.

* J.G. Wentworth does not provide legal, tax, or financial advice, please consult with independent professionals for such advice.


If you sold some of your structured settlement payments before and want to receive another lump sum, you can sell your additional payments to get more cash.

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