How to Get Pre-Settlement Funding

Once you have decided that pre-settlement funding is right for you while you wait for your case to settle, there are just a few easy steps to getting the cash you need.

How Can I Get Pre-Settlement Funding?

Step 1: Contact J.G. Wentworth.

To start the process, you can fill out our simple online form or call and let one of our representatives know that you would like to get pre-settlement funding. They’ll ask you a few questions to learn a little bit more about you, and then they’ll transfer you to one of our partners who can help.

Step 2: The company will contact your attorney.

After the preliminary phone call, the pre-settlement funding company will get in touch with your attorney and review your case. Your attorney may be able to provide the necessary information.

Step 3: Your attorney will receive an agreement.

If your case is eligible, the pre-settlement funding company will forward an agreement to your attorney. This document will outline how much of the settlement they are willing to purchase.

Step 4: You and your attorney will review and sign the agreement.

If you and your attorney decide that the agreement works for you, you can then sign the document and send it back to the funding company.

Step 5: Receive your cash.

Once the pre-settlement funding company receives the signed agreement, they will forward your cash to you or your attorney — often, within 24 hours. With the funding in hand, addressing your needs before your case’s resolution becomes that much easier.



Do I Need to Pay the Money Back?

Remember, any money that you get from pre-settlement funding does not constitute a loan. If you do not ultimately receive a settlement, you will not owe anything. The company providing the pre-settlement funding will only purchase up to 20 percent of the total expected settlement amount. When your case settles, the funding company will receive the portion of the settlement that they purchased.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about pre-settlement funding, or selling structured settlement payments once you win your case, contact us today by calling or filling out our simple online form.

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