Competitive Personal Loans

At J.G. Wentworth, we offer a number of different solutions to help you meet your goals. If you’re looking for a flexible option that allows you to spend your money any way you like, then you may want to consider inquiring about a personal loan.

Through FinMkt, a financial and marketplace technology provider, we are able to connect you with a number of different personal loan providers through a single inquiry. You can view all of your pre-qualified offers and decide which one best meets your needs. Whether your goal is debt consolidation or just payment of a few extra expenses, a personal loan allows you to accomplish what you have to do.

The Process

The process to inquire about a personal loan is fast and straightforward. To inquire, you’ll just need to answer a few basic personal questions, including your address, contact information, and financial background. You’ll also need to include how much you would like to borrow; personal loans are available between $1,000 and $40,000.

You can apply for a personal loan here.

In just a few minutes, you’ll know whether or not you’re pre-qualified; if you are, you’ll receive offers with additional information, including:

  • Name of the company offering the loan
  • Amount you’re pre-qualified for
  • Annual percentage rate (APR) 
  • Your expected monthly payment
  • Loan term (how many months you’ll be expected to make payments)

If you find a personal loan offer that matches what you’re looking for, you can accept right away. If not, then there is no obligation to accept any offer. If you choose to accept, the loan provider may request additional information in order to complete the process.

How will this affect my credit score?

To put it simply: it won’t! 

You can inquire about personal loans without affecting your credit score. Traditionally, when you apply for a loan from a bank, they perform a “hard inquiry” on your credit which allows them to see your FICO® score. This inquiry will then stay on your credit report for the next two years. While one or two credit inquiries every now and then won’t adversely affect your score, too many “hard inquiries” in a short span of time can cause your credit score to decrease. 

In contrast, when you inquire about a personal loan through the FinMkt site, a “soft inquiry” will be performed on your credit. Even though the loan company will be pulling your FICO® score, it does not leave any record on your credit report. Once you decide on a pre-qualified offer and submit an application, then the company providing that offer will perform a “hard inquiry” on your credit.

Personal Loan Companies 

Through our engagement with FinMkt, you may receive offers from a number of different loan providers. Here are just some of the companies that you may receive offers from:


 Loan Amount   APR Ranges   Term Length 
 $1,000-$35,000  9.95%-35.95%  24-60 Months

Avant is able to offer competitive interest rates thanks to its use of cutting-edge computer technology which reviews other factors besides just your credit score to bring you smarter loans. 

Lending Club

 Loan Amount   APR Ranges   Term Length 
 $1,000-$40,000  5.99%-35.89%  24-60 Months

LendingClub, as a peer-to-peer lender, works differently from large financial institutions. Instead of being funded by a bank, your loan application will be listed on something like a “marketplace” for investors, which functions somewhat like a stock market. Your loan may be purchased by one or more investors, after which LendingClub will provide you with the funds. As you pay the loan back, the investor will get a portion of the payment.


 Loan Amount   APR Ranges   Term Length 
 $2,000-$35,000  5.99%-32.99%  36-60 Months

Prosper is another peer-to-peer lender with over a decade in business. The company considers other factors aside from your credit score when they review your application, and they assign you a Prosper Rating in order to determine your interest rate.

There are several other loan providers, including:

Freedom Plus   Lending Point   OneMain

Get Pre-Qualified Now

Thanks to our streamlined process, you’ll find out within minutes if you’re pre-qualified. Plus, you may receive multiple offers from different lenders without needing to visit different websites. Inquire about a personal loan today.

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