Debt Consolidation Loan

Juggling multiple monthly payments can be difficult. Different payment dates can be confusing, and the last thing you need is another late fee. Fortunately, debt consolidation loan options are available through J.G. Wentworth via our relationship with the FinMkt marketplace. 

Consolidate Debt with A Personal Loan

Debt consolidation is the process of taking out one loan to pay off multiple smaller loans. The goal is to get a lower interest rate on the larger loan so your payments can take out a more significant chunk of the principal. 

The potential advantages of replacing your smaller loans with one larger personal loan include lower interest rates, a single monthly payment, and shorter terms. J.G. Wentworth makes the process of inquiring about a loan for debt consolidation easy.

Lower Interest Rates

Personal loans typically have lower interest rates than credit cards. Instead of getting charged high interest rates that impair your ability to pay down your principal, pay off your debt quicker with a personal loan. 

One Monthly Payment

Instead of trying to balance multiple payments and deciding which bill to pay off first, you can get a personal loan through one of our partners to pay off all of your current debt. Then, you won’t need to worry about overdraft or late fees on individual bills or credit cards. Instead, you can just focus on paying back the single payment from your personal loan each month.

Shorter Terms

Personal loans have shorter-term options than other types of loans, such as student loans.. Terms range from a few months to seven years, depending on your specific situation. 

Personal debt consolidation loans, available through FinMkt are one of the many resources we offer. Take control today and begin the process of debt consolidation by filling out a quick inquiry for a personal loan. 

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