Refinance Your Investment Property

If you own an investment property, you likely try to secure and increase your revenue streams whenever and wherever possible. To that end, many owners like you elect to refinance their properties. Refinancing your investment property can help you achieve a number of financial goals, like lowering your mortgage rate or even funding other business ventures.

As a national direct lender, J.G. Wentworth has helped countless customers refinance their rental properties. We have designed a streamlined refinance process that makes applying for your new loan quick and convenient. Our knowledgeable home loan specialists will walk you through every step, assisting you with your application and explaining all of your mortgage options. With our broad selection of loans with low interest rates and no points, we are well equipped to help you meet your refinancing goals.

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Why Refinance Your Investment Property?

Property owners choose to pursue refinancing for a wide variety of reasons. Whatever your motivation may be, J.G. Wentworth’s home loan solutions can help you accomplish your objectives.


Lower Mortgage Payments

Refinancing can potentially lower your monthly mortgage payments by lowering your interest rate or switching to a longer-term loan. Since you first acquired your property, factors like the value of the property and your credit score may have changed. Our mortgage payment calculator can give you a better idea of how refinancing might lower your payments.



Debt Consolidation

f you have accumulated enough equity in your property, you can apply for a cash-out mortgage. With the cash you receive from this refinancing method, you can pay off high-interest loans and consolidate them into a single payment. This option might substantially lower how much interest you have to pay from month to month.



Increase Property Value

Many landlords choose to refinance their rental properties to fund renovations. These owners essentially use the lump sum from a cash-out mortgage to reinvest in their properties. If you take this route, you can potentially enhance your revenue and ultimately increase your property’s eventual resale value.



Fund New Ventures

The funds obtained through cash-out refinancing can also help investors put down payments on new properties. Some of our customers even use refinancing to finance entirely new business pursuits. If you opt for this method of refinancing, you can use the cash however you choose.



Options for Refinancing

J.G. Wentworth offers multiple refinancing options so that you can choose the method that best fits your needs.

Rate-and-Term Investment Property Refinance

Through the refinance process, you may have the chance to adjust the term or interest rate of your mortgage. Due to changes in property value or your credit score, you might be eligible for new loan options. According to your own financial goals, you could also shorten or lengthen your mortgage term. Respectively, these options can help you build equity faster or lower your monthly payments even further.

Cash-Out Investment Property Refinance

If you have accumulated enough equity in your property, you could apply for a cash-out mortgage. This kind of loan allows you to leverage the equity you have built in your property into funds that you can reinvest however you see fit. With this method, you apply for a higher loan amount and longer term while paying off your current mortgage. You receive the difference in cash.

Why Choose J.G. Wentworth?

Our dedication to customer satisfaction has earned us numerous awards for customer service and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. That track record, combined with our comprehensive selection of home loan options, has cemented our status as an established and experienced direct lender for investment property purchasing and refinancing. We have all the resources needed to help you achieve your refinancing goals.

If you have additional questions, contact one of our home loan specialists or check out our mortgage FAQs. Interested in exploring the refinancing process further? Get a rate quote today.