Mortgage Qualifier Calculator

J.G. Wentworth aims to provide you with all of the resources that you need to get an accurate picture of your mortgage loan options. Using our mortgage qualifier calculator, you can determine what your optimal home price will be based on your income, total monthly debts, desired loan rate and term, and all other factors that affect what you can comfortably afford. 

Our mortgage qualifier calculator also takes into account a recommended down payment, principal costs, interest costs, private mortgage insurance, and taxes. This information should allow you to determine what your realistic price range will be while searching for the perfect home. 

J.G. Wentworth wants to make your home financing process as simple as possible. With our mortgage qualifier calculator, we help you take the first steps towards affording the home of your dreams.

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J.G. Wentworth offers a wide variety of loan programs with low rates and no points and no hidden fees.  To get started, you can call us or let us contact you by completing a short form.  You can also get a rate quote in seconds with no personal information required. We look forward to working with you.