MasterCard Reward Cardholder Agreement

Please call 1-800-416-6373 to check your balance, report a lost/stolen card or for any general card questions.

This MasterCard Reward Cardholder Agreement contains the terms and conditions under which the MasterCard Reward Card has been issued to you. By accepting, signing, or using the Card, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement.

In this Agreement, “Card” means the MasterCard Reward Card issued to you by Florida Capital Bank®. “You” and “your” means the person or persons who have received the Card and are authorized to use the Card as provided for in this Agreement. “We,” “us,” and “our” mean Florida Capital Bank, our successors, affiliates or assignees.

The Card will remain the property of Florida Capital Bank and must be surrendered upon demand. The Card is nontransferable, and it may be canceled, repossessed, or revoked at any time without prior notice subject to applicable law.

If your card is personalized with your name, download this agreement (PDF).

If your card is not personalized with your name, download this agreement (PDF).


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