Introducing Winstreak

Winstreak Card

This is the first Visa card product that we’ve built around the casino and gaming industry.

The WinStreak Visa Prepaid Card contains technology that allows for quick and easy cash loading and disbursement - without a credit check.

Now your property can deliver an instant-win experience anytime and anyplace by combining common purchases with the thrill of winning.


How Winstreak Works

How it Works
  • 01
    Players game at your casino.
  • 02
    Player Enrolls in WinStreak.
  • 03
    Player loads card. Player may also load card outside of casino gameplay.
  • 04
    Player uses card for everyday purchases, triggering mobile gameplay.
  • 05
    Mobile gameplay winning drives return visits to your casino to claim rewards.

Loading Funds to WinStreak with Everyday Purchase Transactions

Mobile Divider Divider Card Loading Mobile Card Loading