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JG Wentworth Mobile App FAQs


Who can use this App?

You can use this app only if you are enrolled in the JG Wentworth debt settlement program and with CFTPay as your Dedicated Savings Account Provider. Account. If you are not able to sign in, please check your program materials to confirm if CFTPay is your Dedicated Savings Account provider.

Why should I use JGW Mobile App?

For Debt Settlement clients the JG Wentworth Mobile app is the best way to keep up to date on your Dedicated Savings Account. You can check your balance, transactions and more. Features:

  • View your Dedicated Savings Account balance
  • Monitor transactions related to your account
  • Check your next deposit date
  • View and download account statements
  • Review your profile information
  • Easily contact customer support

I forgot my password and is not able to login my account. How do I do so?

If you forgot your password, click on the Forgot Password link. Enter your username and click Continue. You will receive a Text Message with a One Time Passcode that you will enter on the Mobile App.

If I forget my username, what should I do?

There are two ways to do so: First, you can retrieve it from the welcome material sent to you by email or physical mail at the time of program enrollment. Second, you can click on the Forgot Username link and enter your mobile phone number. You will receive a text message with your username.

I have problem with my JGW Mobile App account. Whom should I contact?

If you need any assistance with your JGW account, please call Customer Support at 1-800-715-9501.

I have a query about settlement fee charged from my deposit account. Who should I contact?

If you have any questions related to your debt settlement program or the fee charged, please contact your JG Wentworth at 1-800-715-9501.

How do I upload documents directly from my mobile phone?

On the Home Screen, scroll to the Upload Documents section. Click the Upload Documents link, select Debt Account Statement, select the Debt Account for which you are uploading a document for and then click Capture First Page. Once you have uploaded all documents, click Submit.

Do I get the push notifications only on the unlocked screen?

No, you can get the push notifications on locked screens if you set your notifications up to do so.

Does JGW Mobile App support only the iOS phones?

No, Android users can also use the JGW Mobile App and log in to see information on your debt settlement program.

Which versions of Android supports the JGW Mobile App?

Android versions 9 and 10 support JGW Mobile App.

Which versions of iOS support JGW Mobile App?

iOS versions 11, 12, and 13 support CFTPay Mobile App.

If my mobile number is not registered with the system, how do I register it?

Upon Login, if your number is not registered then the application will ask you to enter the mobile number to get registered. On successful verification via SMS code, your number will be automatically registered for the next login.

Why do I need to enter phone number or verification code on first time login?

This is to ensure your safety by making sure that only approved users are accessing the application as an extra layer of security.

What is the length of the verification code?

The verification code will be 6 digits.

If verification code has not been received, how do I generate the request for another code?

By clicking on ‘Resend’ option in ‘Enter Verification’ code screen, the user will be able to request another code.

How many times can I request for another verification code?

You may request for a new verification code up to 4 times within a 10-minute window.

Can I login into the mobile app with same credentials on multiple devices?

No, as soon you login into a new device, you will be logged out from any existing active sessions on other devices.

Can I change my registered mobile number from the application itself?

No, you need to change your registered number from the CFTPay client portal.

Still have any other questions unanswered?

You can contact Customer Support at 1-800-715-9501
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