Introducing Winstreak

Winstreak Card

This is the first Visa card product that we’ve built around the casino and gaming industry.

The WinStreak Visa Prepaid Card contains technology that allows for quick and easy cash loading and disbursement - without a credit check.

Now your property can deliver an instant-win experience anytime and anyplace by combining common purchases with the thrill of winning.


How Winstreak Works

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  • 01
    Player games at your casino.
  • 02
    Player Enrolls in WinStreak.
  • 03
    Player loads card. Player may also load card outside of casino gameplay.
  • 04
    Player uses card for everyday purchases, triggering mobile gameplay.
  • 05
    Mobile gameplay winning drives return visits to your casino to claim rewards.
  • 06
    Player goes back to your casino at higher frequency to redeem awards.

Asset Advantage® is the patented transaction structure pursuant to which Peachtree purchases lottery prizes in exchange for installment obligations. Each Asset Advantage® installment obligation is credit-enhanced by an institutional guarantee and has a self-directed rate of return managed by Raymond James. The installment sale permits the seller to utilize the “installment method” of reporting income as provided in §453 of the Internal Revenue Code. The installment method permits the seller to recognize income from the sale of the lottery prize only upon receipt of payments from Peachtree. Installment payments will be made in accordance with a payment schedule that is custom- tailored to meet the cash flow needs of the seller. Payments may be made on an annual, semi-annual or quarterly basis; may commence immediately or be deferred for a period of years and may occur during a period of up to thirty (30) years from the date the Obligation is issued.