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While the specific terms of every negotiated structured settlement are unique, many types of personal injury structured settlement agreements cross our desks here at JG Wentworth, the largest purchaser of future structured settlement payments in the country.

Unfortunately, personal injury that comes as a result of an accident is the most common type of structured settlement that we see. To compensate the victim for both short and long-term damage, structured settlements are frequently negotiated, whereby the victim may be awarded both a regular stream of payments, as well as larger balloon payments down the road.

Personal injury cases involving malpractice against physicians or hospitals also utilize structured settlements. In many such cases, instead of going to trial, the insurance company representing the medical provider chooses to settle out-of-court with the plaintiff, by offering a structured settlement.

Another type of injury are Workmen’s Compensation claims, whereby the employer agrees to a structured settlement to compensate an employee harmed on the job. These claims almost always take into account not just the employee’s ongoing medical expenses, but also the long-term earnings the employee may lose as a result of not being able to do that job in the future.

Are you currently receiving, or are you scheduled to receive structured settlement payments? Did you know that you may not have to wait for this money to be paid out to you over time, but could get money from these payments into your pocket sooner? For more information on the types of payments we may be able to purchase, please call JG Wentworth today at 877-227-4713.


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