So You’ve Seen JG Wentworth’s Commercials…

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a dog in a pink robe and glasses, on a pink sofa, eating popcorn

… And can’t decide whether you love them or hate them. Guess what? – You’re not alone.

So what’s with our cartoons, Vikings, and comedy sketches?  Who’s this ‘Mr. Wentworth’ guy?  Why do we have to repeat our phone number so many times?  And why are people singing so much?!

Hi folks, JG Wentworth here with a quick word about our commercials. Truth is, most people first hear about JG Wentworth through our television advertising. Our company has won several awards for our commercials, and we take genuine pride in the way they have helped JG Wentworth become a household name.

That said, of far more importance than any award is the fact that our commercials catch the attention of people who might otherwise never know that JG Wentworth can help them.   Simply put, there are still many people receiving regular payments from a structured settlement or annuity who do not realize that they do not have to wait for these payments to get to them, and instead have the option of selling their future payments sooner and getting that money straight in their pocket.

So love them or hate them, we use our commercials so folks just like you can learn that if they have a structured settlement or annuity and need cash now, JG Wentworth is the company to call.  And if people have an amusing time watching these commercials while learning about us – all the better!

Was it a JG Wentworth commercial that first caught your attention?  Are you now interested in learning more about JG Wentworth, and want to discuss your own financial situation with one of our trained customer service representatives? Please call us anytime at 877-227-4713.


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