Paying For College: Ten Places to Find Scholarships

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Hi folks, JG Wentworth here continuing our series of blogs on how to pay for college. Today’s blog will take a look at some great places to find college scholarships – including some scholarship opportunities that are all too frequently overlooked, including:

  1. Your Religious Affiliation/Organization
    Many religious organizations offer college scholarships to both members and children of members. You can start your search by calling your local church or synagogue and asking for information.
  2. Local Community Organizations
    Local groups frequently sponsor small cash scholarships – say, in the amount of $500 – to college-going graduates from their community. Every dollar helps!
  3. Companies Where You or a Loved One Work
    Many companies offer scholarships to both employees and children of employees. Your best bet is to contact the human resources division of the company for more information.
  4. The Financial Aid Office of the School You Hope to Attend
    Every college or university should have an extensive list of available scholarships to their incoming students. You should contact their financial office for more details.
  5. Your Own High School or Local School District
    Some high schools or educational districts offer scholarships to graduating seniors. Call your local guidance counselor and see if such scholarship opportunities exist in your own school district.
  6. The Field of Study You Plan on Majoring In
    Have a specific profession, or professional interest, you hope to pursue? Many universities – and some private industry groups and professional organizations – offer scholarships to students interested in specific subject areas.
  7. State Higher-Education Agencies
    Every state has a higher education office that will have information on scholarship opportunities.
  8. Local Business Groups and Organizations
    Organizations like the Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club are just some of the many organizations and groups that offer scholarships.
  9. Alumni Organizations
    Many alumni groups offer scholarships to incoming students, or to those already enrolled.
  10. In Numerous Other Places Not Mentioned Here
    The bottom line? Scholarship opportunities are available in a wide range of places. Yes, some of these scholarships are hard to find, and some even more difficult to win – but that should not keep you from finding and applying for them. So on behalf of yourself or a loved one, be diligent, apply for as many scholarships as you can, and never give up. Not only might your future education depend on it – but so might your future opportunity to live a debt-free life!

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