How to Make a Quick and Easy $500

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Hi folks, JG Wentworth here. Did you know you can make $500 by referring a customer to us?

All you have to do is find someone currently receiving regular payments from their structured settlement or annuity that may be looking to sell these payments for cash now. If you refer them to us – and they end up completing a qualifying transaction with our company – we’ll give you $500!

Make sure you first get permission for us to contact them, of course, and to get us their correct information so that we may reach out to them quickly. But once we do, and a transaction between JG Wentworth and your referred party is complete – you’ll get your cash!

Here’s our bottom line: even though we are this nation’s leader in buying future structured settlement and annuity payments, we never rest on our laurels. Instead, we are always trying to help people get the cash they need out of their structured settlement or annuity payments – and straight into their pockets. For more information about our referral program, or to speak directly to a JG Wentworth representative about your own structured settlement or annuity payments, please call us anytime at 877-227-4713.


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