How Much of a Percentage Does JG Wentworth Take?

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One of the most common questions asked by individuals looking to sell their future structured settlement or annuity payments:

What percentage of my future payments will JG Wentworth take? 

There is not one simple answer to that question.  It will depend on the specific details of your particular structured settlement or annuity. Our company has handled more than 50,000 transactions over the last two decades – and every situation is unique.

Ultimately, there are three general factors that help determine your cash offer:

  1. What is the total dollar amount of the structured settlement or annuity payments you wish to sell?
  2. When is the money scheduled to be paid out (for example, as soon as a few months, or over several future years instead)?
  3. Is the money scheduled to be paid out in regular income payments – say, a check once a month for the same amount – or are there also larger payments scheduled to be delivered at certain points in the future?

Our knowledgeable account executives will use the information you provide to help create a unique offer just for you. Therefore, to answer the basic question of “How much can I get?” your JG Wentworth account executive will quickly process that information with all of these important factors in mind. Only after these details are discussed are we able to present you with your personalized offer. But keep in mind that in most cases, we can present you with a quote within minutes of your call!

Have more questions?  Looking for a quick, free, no-obligation inquiry into how much money you can get now from selling your future structured settlement or annuity payments?  Please call us anytime at 877-227-4713.


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