How Does JG Wentworth Work?

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At JG Wentworth, we buy structured settlement and annuity payments from customers in exchange for a lump sum of cash. The process can be completed in 6 steps. With more than 25 years of experience, we have helped our customers get the cash they need by purchasing nearly $6 billion in future payments.

Why Choose JG Wentworth?

As the leading purchaser of structured settlement and annuity payments, we believe that customer service is the most important aspect of our business. That is why we designed our buying process to be straightforward, to help you get the cash you need sooner

Here are the six steps to get your lump sum:

Step 1: Speak to One of Our Representatives

You can reach a JG Wentworth representative in one of three ways. You can choose to give us a call on the phone, fill out our convenient online contact form, or utilize our live chat feature. During this stage, a representative will gather some basic information about your structured settlement or annuity and your goals.

Step 2: Receive a Quote

Once the representative has obtained the necessary information, they will create a quote. Our quotes are obligation-free and will typically include multiple selling options for you to choose from. For example, you can choose to sell all of your future payments, payments from within a certain timeframe, or just a percentage of each.

Step 3: Review Your Contract

Once you have received and reviewed your quote, our representative will send you a contract that must be signed in order to request a court a date to finalize the purchase.

Step 4: Appear Before a Judge

In order for us to buy your future payments, the transaction must be approved by a judge. Our representative will work with you to help you secure a court date.

This step is necessary to ensure that the agreement is fair to you and that you fully understand the details of the contract.

Step 6: Receive Your Cash

Once a judge has approved the transaction, we’ll complete our underwriting process, and you’ll get your lump sum.

If you are receiving payments from a structured settlement or annuity but have goals that you would like to accomplish with a lump sum, please contact us today.


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