Getting Money from a Structured Settlement? Ask Yourself These Five Questions

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Hi folks, JG Wentworth here.

In a recent blog, we asked annuity holders to reflect upon five questions that we believe significantly impacted their financial future. Today, we would like to turn our attention to structured settlement recipients. If you are currently receiving regular payments from a structured settlement, JG Wentworth would like you to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the money I am getting periodically from my structured settlement taking care of my present needs?
    Perhaps there was a point when your structured settlement payments were helping you meet all your financial obligations. But those obligations, and your needs, may have changed over time. If you can no longer afford to simply wait for money from your structured settlement to get to you, and need cash now, you need to know that you have options – including the option of selling your structured settlement payments and getting that money straight into your pocket sooner.
  2. I take great pride in being careful with my money. If I do decide to sell my structured settlement payments for cash, why would I choose to do business with JG Wentworth?
    JG Wentworth has been in the business of purchasing future payment streams  for over 20 years. We are among the largest buyers of structured settlement payments in the industry, and have paid out over $4 billion in future payment obligations to customers just like you around the country. Our Better Business Bureau rating is A+; we offer incredibly competitive prices – and handle the transaction with a skill and efficiency few companies can match.
  3. Is a true that if I wanted to sell my structured settlement payments, I would not necessarily have to sell them all off at one time?
    Absolutely. As mentioned elsewhere on our blogs, JG Wentworth offers “partial payment plans” to qualified buyers, in which we buy some settlement payments without requiring that you sell all of them. This enables you to receive both cash now and still collect a portion of your future payments down the line.
  4. How much money can I make from selling my structured settlement payments?
    Everyone’s situation is unique, of course, but the general factors that determine how much money one can make from selling future structured settlement payments are: A) How much money is owed to you; B) How long your payment period is; and C) Whether these payments include balloon payments or just regular income payments. To learn more about your specific financial situation, you should call one of JG Wentworth’s account executives at 1-877-227-4713.
  5. Is the process of selling structured settlement payments for cash a complicated one? How long does it take?
    While there are set steps that need to be taken – most required by law – selling structured settlement payments is not a complicated process. And though it varies state by state, it generally takes from 60 to 90 days from the time you decide to sell your structured settlement payments, until that money gets into your hands, as long as all the required steps are timely followed
    Have more questions? Looking for a quote for the sale of your structured settlement payments? Please give us a call anytime at 1-877-227-4713.


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