Five Steps to Cash Now: A Structured Settlement Review

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Hi folks, JG Wentworth here.

In case you are new to our blog, today we would like to offer you a quick summary of the process of selling structured settlement payments for cash.  Please know that you can always look in our extensive blog archive for more information about any of these steps.  You should also always feel free to contact a JG Wentworth representative directly if you have any questions about selling your specific structured settlement or annuity.

Here are five steps to getting money out of your structured settlement and into your pocket.

Step One: Contact JG Wentworth to Discuss Your Structured Settlement Agreement

Receiving payments from a structured settlement? Tired of waiting for these payments to get to you, and need cash sooner? Your first step is to contact JG Wentworth to discuss your original structured settlement agreement. Following this discussion, which should only take minutes, JG Wentworth can offer you a cash quote for all or a portion of your future payments – a quote that you are under absolutely no obligation to accept. But should you choose to move forward with the transaction:

Step Two: Gather Your Official Documentation Together and Mail It to Our Company

JG Wentworth will need to confirm the details of your original structured settlement agreement. We will then review the transaction and return important legal documents to you.

Step Three: Review Our Written Offer and Sign the Contract Selling Your Settlement Payments for Cash

It is important that you carefully review our quoted offer to make sure it conforms to your expectations. If you agree to the terms of our agreement, mail the contract back to us so we can set events in motion to get money into your pocket as soon as possible.

Step Four: Wait For a Court Order That Will Approve the Sale of Your Structured Settlement Payments

Selling structured settlement payments involves a legal process, which has been put into place to protect you. Depending on your state and county of residence, you may be required to attend a court hearing prior to a court order being entered. Generally, it takes 60 to 90 days for a hearing to take place and for the judge to look over your documents and approve the transaction. The good news is that following this:

Step Five: Get Your Cash!

Once the court approves the transaction and we complete our final underwriting process, you get your cash! Often this occurs within days of the court issuing the order approving your sale. And now you can spend that money however you like, because guess what? – It’s yours.

Have questions about any of these steps?  Want to learn more about how you can get money out of your structured settlement and into your pocket?  JG Wentworth will accompany you through every step of this process. Please call one of our trained customer representatives today.


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