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You are not alone. A recent study showed that 80 percent of Americans are dealing with the stresses of debt. As of January 2021, the average American has $90,460 in debt.

Another study conducted showed that individuals who struggle with debt are more likely to also suffer from depression and anxiety. It can affect your physical wellness, including headaches, lack of quality sleep, or an inability to focus or function. With 39 percent of Americans reporting unpaid credit card balances, it’s fair to say sometimes you need a little help dealing with your debt.

When it finally does come time to face that dreaded debt, you’re at another crossroads. Just exactly how do you go about dealing with your debt? Many people think filing for bankruptcy is the best and only option to turn to a way to get rid of their debt. Let’s put bankruptcy on the back burner, as there are alternative ways to achieve debt relief.*

Reputable companies exist that focus primarily on helping individuals pay off their unsecured debt.

JG Wentworth has been providing individuals with access to financial solutions for 30 years. Our certified debt specialists are able to enroll you in our Debt Relief Program, through which we will help negotiate your credit card debt, personals loans, medical bills, collections, and other specific types of debt into one monthly payment. With our help, you can finally be on your way to being debt free in an average of 24-60 months.**

What is the process for a debt relief loan from JG Wentworth? After submitting some general  information through one of our sign-up forms, the quick qualification and application process looks like this:

  • A Certified Debt Specialist will call you.
  • We’ll look at your unsecured debts – credit card, personal loan, medical and private student loans.
  • We will show you how much you can potentially save with the program – both principal and interest.
  • If you agree, we’ll review your estimated savings.
  • We will then walk through your enrollment agreement and required disclosures with you.
  • You will set up a dedicated savings account, which you own and control, into which you will make monthly program payments to fund settlements.
  • Our fees will be included in your monthly program payment, and we don’t get paid on a debt until it is settled and you have made at least one payment to your creditor.
  • Keep in mind you’re able to cancel at any time.

Is Your Debt Covered?

Covered Debt

  • Credit Cards
  • Medical Bills
  • Collections
  • Business Debt
  • Personal Loans
  • Certain Student Loans

Uncovered Debt

  • Utility Bills
  • Auto Loans
  • Lawsuits
  • IRS Debt
  • Back Taxes
  • Mortgage Loans

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*Please consult with a bankruptcy attorney for more information on bankruptcy.
**Program length varies based on individual circumstances.
***JG Wentworth’s debt relief program is offered by JGW Debt Settlement, LLC. Program results will vary by individual situation. As such, it may not be suitable for all persons. JG Wentworth does not offer debt relief services in all states and fees may vary from state to state. Not all debts are eligible for enrollment. Not all individuals who enroll complete our program for various reasons, including their ability to save sufficient funds. Savings resulting from successful negotiations may result in tax consequences, please consult with a tax professional regarding these consequences. The use of debt relief services can potentially have an adverse impact on your credit rating, may result in you being subject to collections, and may result in other adverse action by creditors or collection agencies. Read and understand the program contract prior to enrollment.
JG Wentworth does not pay or assume any debts or provide legal, financial or tax advice or credit repair services. You should consult with independent professionals for such advice or services.


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