About an Overlooked Student Loan Forgiveness Program

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Hi folks, JG Wentworth here with a topic near and dear to our hearts: affording the costs of a higher education.

As one of this nation’s leaders in purchasing structured settlement and annuity payments for cash, we know how many of our customers are using all their financial resources to either pay for their higher education, or for the education of a loved one. So today we’d like to ask them – and you – an extremely important question:

Is it possible that you qualify for student loan forgiveness?

Here are the facts: more than 33 million workers potentially qualify for student loan forgiveness on their educational debts. These employees may qualify because of their work in what is considered “public service” fields, working as teachers, soldiers, firefighters, policemen, and other employees in schools, hospitals, or city halls.

So if you work in any of these fields – if you’re even  a clerk at a government agency, DMV office, or nonprofit office – you should investigate your options. Contact your bank or lending agency, or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, to determine whether your job category matches the qualifications for student loan forgiveness. One phone call could save hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars off the cost of your loan!

And if those student loan debts are just a part of your financial situation, and you need cash now, please call JG Wentworth. Our account executives are always ready to help you get the money you need out of your future structured settlement and annuity payments, into your pocket sooner. Please call us anytime at 877-227-4713.


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